Who We Are

Engineer Man

Founded in 2018, since then we expanded our team and brought in new specialists to help our clients in more than +1000 cases. We worked with more than 200 owner-operators and small business trucking companies. We assisted companies in guaranteeing timely delivery. We were always available for our clients and everyone else - who keeps the world moving.

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Why choose us?

Best route planning according to your necessary criteria and problem-solving in a small given time frame. Our team will assure you that you will bring youre trucking buisness to a next level. We meticulously plan and schedule everything from picking up the load to its destination using top-notch end-to-end logistics management. Our logistics team excels at organizing every aspect, from pickup arrangements to final destination. But we don't stop there; we also employ real-time load tracking so that you always know where your cargo is, day or night. Our exceptional reliability includes both well-maintained equipment and logistics.

Mission & Vision

Engineer Man

Our mission is to solve the communication gap between dispatchers and drivers, to provide best-in-class transportation services to our customers by utilizing quality personnel and resources. Provide our customers with cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and problem-solving solutions that help them achieve their goals. To guarantee that demands are fully addressed, we will concentrate on collaboration and communication between drivers, clients. By providing the trucking sector with more effective and efficient solutions, we hope to become a leader in customer satisfaction and professionalism. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure that our services are dependable and reasonably priced since we recognize that this is the foundation for client loyalty.

Carrier just needs to send us:

- Proof of Insurance
- Active Authority
- Copy of CDL
- Signed W9
- Carrier packet with US